Lab-Grown Diamonds & Jewelry FAQs

What Types of Diamonds Are Available at Diamond Domain?
Diamond Domain exclusively offers lab-grown diamonds, known for their ethical sourcing and affordability. Lab-grown diamonds are authentic gems with identical physical, chemical, and optical properties to mined diamonds, differing only in their origin crafted above ground.
What Is the Process of Creating Lab-Grown Diamonds?
Lab-grown diamonds begin with a diamond 'seed' placed in a carbon-rich environment within a state-of-the-art growth chamber. Through an exclusive growth technique, this seed transforms into a rough diamond. The rough diamond is then expertly cut, polished, and finished, mirroring the process of mined diamond production. This journey results in a dazzling lab-grown diamond, demonstrating the same brilliance and beauty.
Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Ethically-Sourced?
Yes, lab-grown diamonds from Diamond Domain are ethically-sourced. Since they are created in a controlled laboratory setting, they are 100% conflict-free and do not involve the environmental impact of extensive mining.
How Do Lab-Grown Diamonds Differ from Mined Diamonds?
Lab-grown diamonds are cultivated in controlled lab environments, whereas mined diamonds occur naturally in the earth. Despite their distinct origins, lab-grown diamonds exhibit the same physical, chemical, optical, and atomic properties as mined diamonds.
Can I Purchase Loose Lab-Grown Diamonds?
Absolutely! Diamond Domain offers a wide selection of loose lab-grown diamonds for purchase. Our user-friendly filters make it easy for you to find the perfect diamond that meets your preferences and specifications.
What Metal Options Are Available?
Our jewelry is expertly crafted in gold, platinum or silver. You can choose from various gold color options, including white, yellow, and rose gold, to customize your jewelry to your liking. The metal type and color options and karats are typically available on the product page for your convenience.
Can I Add Engravings to My Ring?
Many of our engagement rings and wedding bands are engravable. You have the option to add an engraving on the product page or in the shopping cart.
Do You Provide Certifications for Lab-Grown Diamonds?
Yes, we provide certification cards from reputable independent institutes such as IGI (International Gemological Institute) and GIA (Gemological Institute of America) for center stones purchased through our Design Your Ring program. These certifications provide independent verification of the quality and authenticity of our lab-grown diamonds, giving you peace of mind when making your purchase.
Is the Jewelry Stamped?
Yes, all our jewelry is stamped in accordance with the National Stamping Act and FTC guidelines. These markings indicate the quality of the metal and our trademark. For jewelry with lab-grown diamonds, LGD may also appear in the stamp.
Are Your Lab-Grown Diamonds Laser Inscribed?
.50 carats (ct) and larger: Lab-grown diamonds measuring .50 carats (ct) and larger are laser inscribed with a unique identifier to provide an additional layer of security and assurance regarding their origin and authenticity.
Carat Total Weight Display and Tolerances?
Diamond carat total weights (ctw): Displayed in fractions in the product name and decimals in the product details, in accordance with industry standards and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines. Carat total weight tolerances: Detailed information provided to help customers make informed decisions.
What is the difference in HPHT vs CVD in Lab-Grown Diamonds

HPHT Diamonds: The High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) method creates diamonds by simulating the natural conditions of diamond formation, applying intense heat and pressure to a carbon source. This process is adept at producing various diamond colors, though it often results in yellow or brown tones. HPHT diamonds present a sustainable and typically more affordable alternative to mined diamonds, offering both beauty and guaranteed conflict-free peace of mind.

CVD Diamonds: Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) diamonds are grown in a controlled environment using a carbon-rich gas heated to extreme temperatures, which allows for the formation of diamonds layer by layer from the atomic level. This method frequently results in high-clarity, colorless stones, making them highly desirable for jewelry. Like HPHT diamonds, CVD diamonds are an eco-friendly, conflict-free, and often more cost-effective option compared to their natural counterparts.

Diamond Domain predominantly uses CVD Diamonds in all jewelries, if you prefer HPHT diamonds for your jewelry, please contact our customer service at 888-709-7077.

Orders, Payments & Delivery

What Payment Methods Are Accepted by Diamond Domain?
We accept major credit cards, Affirm, and PayPal. Explore our payment options on the checkout page.
Are Prices Displayed in US Dollars?
Yes, unless marked otherwise (e.g., CAD, £, AUD), our prices are in US dollars.
Can I Expedite My Order for Faster Delivery?
Expedited shipping may be available for some made-to-order jewelry. Contact us at 888-709-7077 for inquiries. You may also want to consider in-stock inventories for quick delivery options.
Is Diamond Domain’s Packaging Discreet? What Does the Box Look Like?
Our packaging is unmarked to keep the contents a secret. No Diamond Domain branding is on domestic packages. Special delivery arrangements are available, including Saturday delivery.
Can I Purchase Loose Lab-Grown Diamonds?
Absolutely! Diamond Domain offers a wide selection of loose lab-grown diamonds for purchase. Our user-friendly filters make it easy for you to find the perfect diamond that meets your preferences and specifications.
When can I expect my jewelry to arrive?
If the jewelry is in stock, it will arrive in 3 to 4 days. If the jewelry is made-to-order, it will arrive in about 2 weeks. You can check the product details for more specific information.
What kind of packaging can I expect?
Your jewelry will be packaged in a chic jewelry box. Our shipping is discreet, so there will be no Diamond Domain clues on the outer packaging.
What are the shipping options for Diamond Domain orders?
Shipping is free for all U.S. orders via FedEx 2Day option. For international orders, we offer free FedEx International Economy shipping, which arrives in 2-5 business days.
Does Diamond Domain ship internationally?
Yes, we ship internationally via FedEx International Economy, which arrives in 2-5 business days. Contact us at 888-709-7077 for more information.
Can You Help Maintain the Surprise of an Engagement Ring?
We understand the importance of surprises. Our discreet packaging has no branding. You can also ship to a Diamond Domain showroom in New York for pick up. Contact us at 800-709-7077 for special arrangements.
Can Order Information Be Hidden for Surprise Purchases?
Order information is shared with all contacts associated with an order or inquiry. Contact us for details on maintaining surprises.

Warranty, Servicing & Returns

Can I View Diamond Domain’s Jewelry in Person?

Most of our jewelry is made-to-order which makes it difficult to show you our jewelry in person. If your concern is quality of what if you do not like it, don’t worry we got you covered, we offer 45 days no questions asked return policy ensuring you keep only if you like it.

We may have in stock jewelry which can be viewed in person by making special in person appointments in our New York location. Please call us at 888-709-7077 for special arrangements.

Can Prices Be Negotiated?
Our prices are fixed to ensure fairness for all customers.
Can I change or cancel my Diamond Domain order?
Once you have placed your order, you cannot make any changes. However, if you have ordered a made-to-order piece, you have a 24-hour window to cancel your order.
Can I Enjoy a Hassle-Free Return at Diamond Domain?
Absolutely! Our return policy at Diamond Domain is designed to make your experience worry-free. You have 45 days to return your purchase, and we even offer FREE return shipping via FedEx. Your satisfaction is our priority.
Does Diamond Domain Provide a Warranty for My Jewelry?
Absolutely! We offer a hassle-free Manufacturing Warranty. Your jewelry is covered against defects, and the brilliance of your gemstones is guaranteed to last.
Can Diamond Domain Make Sure My Ring Fits Perfectly?

Of course! For our U.S. customers, we offer hassle-free ring resizing after your first purchase and once a year after that. International customers can exchange for the perfect fit within 45 days hassle-free. We want your ring to fit you like a dream.

We highly recommend you use our online ring size tool (links on ring product page) and guide before placing an order.

Suggested Care of Products

How do I clean my lab-grown diamond jewelry?

The best way to clean your lab-grown diamond jewelry is to use a mild soap and warm water solution. You can use a soft toothbrush to gently scrub the jewelry around the stones. Be sure to rinse the jewelry thoroughly and dry it with a soft, lint-free cloth. You can also take your jewelry to a professional jeweler for professional cleaning.

How often should I clean my lab-grown diamond jewelry?
You should clean your lab-grown diamond jewelry at least once a month, or more often if you wear it every day.
What should I avoid when cleaning my lab-grown diamond jewelry?
You should avoid using harsh chemicals, such as chlorine or bleach, to clean your lab-grown diamond jewelry. You should also avoid using ultrasonic cleaners, as these can damage the jewelry.
How can I protect my lab-grown diamond jewelry from damage?

You can protect your lab-grown diamond jewelry from damage by removing it before doing activities such as swimming, showering, or exercising. You should also store your jewelry in a soft cloth pouch or jewelry box when you are not wearing it.

How often should I have my lab-grown diamond jewelry inspected?

You should have your lab-grown diamond jewelry inspected by a professional jeweler at least once a year. The jeweler can check the settings and make sure that the stones are secure.

Additional tips

Avoid exposing your lab-grown diamond jewelry to extreme temperatures or sudden changes in temperature.

Do not use abrasive cleaners or polishing cloths on your lab-grown diamond jewelry.

Be careful not to bump or scratch your lab-grown diamond jewelry.

By following these tips, you can help to keep your lab-grown diamond jewelry looking its best for many years to come.